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yes, the picture sucks #getoverit #meanie

this meal is super cheap and easy (just like me) and it's a totally delicious crowd-pleaser. When i say crowd-pleaser, i really mean that all people, and even the most pickiest of eaters are sure to enjoy this. My sister for example, who prefers "tube cookies"* over homemade cookies enjoys it. cookies...ANYways. The picture doesn't quite justify it, but at least you get the idea. If you have never had food such as this, fear not, because it is like the kettle corn of meats. Is that a weird image? maybe a little. But still ah-may-zing. 

However, i kid you not about the kettle corn analogy. This beef is both subtly salty and slightly sweet, but with a bold flavour impact from the fresh ginger! Serve it up with a fresh batch of rice (no, please not the 5min rice you lazy b*st*rds). Add a green veggie on the side, and voila!

Prepare to have your minds blown awayyy. 

What you need:
1lb (or more) extra lean ground beef (i like to feed my body, not my cellulite, okay?)
2-3 tbsp. sesame oil 
4 garlic cloves, diced or minced. (or more if you like garlicky flavour)
1-2 tsps. fresh, minced garlic
1/4 C soy sauce
about 1/2C brown sugar, or less if you don't want it as sweet. 
salt and pepper to taste
chili flakes OR cayenne pepper to taste (optional for more of a kick)
green onion to top (optional but still good)

this is a Ginger (a sexy one at that), not the vegetable ginger. don't confuse the two. that could be baaadd. 

What you need to do:
step one: 
heat up a large skillet on medium heat with sesame oil, garlic, beef, and cook until browned. 

step one, part b: 
if you are eating this with rice, which you probably are, i highly suggest to start cooking the case you forgot. 

step two:
Drain excess fats from beef (if necessary) then add ginger, soy sauce, brown sugar and salt and pepper (and optional chili flakes/cayenne pepper). Mix altogether over med-low heat until the sauce is well absorbed into the meat and it gets that awesome dark hue, about 3-5 mins.

step three:
serve while hot over a bed of rice, and enjoy this quickie meal! which ironically will give you time for more than a 'quickie' later...

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PS. if you have some left over ginger, check this puppy out.
orrr, you can skin, and dice into 1" cubes, storing in a ziploc bag the fridge.

^.^ Adapted from lizzy writes korean beef

*tube cookies... aka the pillsbury pre-made dough that comes rolled in plastic. i [regrettably] lovedddd them as a youngin' but now that i can bake homemade real cookies, nothing quite compares.  

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