Thursday, August 1, 2013


I love spending time with my brother and sister; and while we are all considered 'grown up' now, we are still just as dysfunctional and ridiculous, as when we were kids. Needless to say, we are all crammed under the same roof again, like it was before we all went off to university. ya, bet you didn't know a university degree was the golden ticket to living at home again.
However, the three of us still lead very different lives so it's pretty uncommon to spend time as 'just the three of us'. 
so one night a few days ago, i find it is just us three, and my brother and sister were serenading me with a duet of "part of your world" à la 'the little mermaid', in possibly (and purposefully) the screechiest and loudest voices, ever. 
Then something marvelous happens. The screeching singing stops! But that wasn't the best part; they started having a conversation about how the little mermaid wouldn't be able to light up and smoke under water (wtf). The conversation evolved to question if sea animals do drugs (wtfff). Like, special algae under the sea they snort (wtttfffffffff).Then i captured the most amazingly intellectual exchange of opinions to ever take place between the two of them:

"do you think dolphins have drug culture like humans do?"-brother
"i wouldn't be surprised, dolphins are f*cking smart"- sister

i couldn't help but wonder if they were the ones on drugs.

Anywho, now that we're on the topic of drugs, let's get high on life and make kettle corn. It is ridiculously easy and super fast to make (like 3-5 mins tops start to finish).and if you are a homemade popcorn maker, i BET you have all four ingredients in your house. 
You know the drill right? Sweet and salty popcorn...gahhhlllllhhh....

What you need:
3-4 tbsp. canola or vegetable oil (i use coconut oil, it gives it a slight taste of coconut though!)
1/2 C (unpopped, obvs) popcorn kernels
1/4 C sugar
salt to taste
pot (not the drug, you dopehead, the type with a fitted lid and handles--VIP to have a lid that fits and handles!

What you need to do:
Prep-work: measure out your 1/2 C kernels and place in small/cereal/soup size bowl. Add the 1/4 C sugar to the bowl. Set aside.  

step one:
Heat the canola/vegetable oil in a large pot over medium heat on the stove. To test if this baby is hot enough to pop your kernels, drop 3 kernels in the pot with the oil as it heats up. After all three have popped, you know your oil is now hot enough for the rest of the kernels to be dropped in! 

step two: 
Once the oil is hot enough, dump your bowl of kernels and sugar into the pot. Quickly mix the ingredients all together until evenly combined and distributed.

step three:
Place a lid on top of the pot, and grab some oven mitts for your hands, then while holding the handles of the pot and lid down, shake vigorously, and constantly, raising the pot ever so slightly off the heat. Every 10 secs or so, lift the lid slightly to let steam escape from the pot. 

Remove the pot from the heat after the popping sounds have slowed significantly (to about every 2-3 seconds). Promptly place in a bowl so the sugar or popcorn does not burn. Add salt to taste.

Please take caution before diving in, as it will be hotttt. And sticky sugar and kernels burn like a b*tch. Sadly speaking from experience here. 

PS. don't be surprised if hot kernels are jumping out at you long after you've removed it from the heat. They're like a pmsing woman; disturbed, unpredictable and eager to burn you. 

adapted from allrecipes kettle corn recipe ^.^

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